An exclusive interview with Hazel English who is active and gains support worldwide. We asked her about her first full album “Wake UP!”, her musical influence and the current situation under COVID.

ボーダレスな活躍を見せ、世界的な支持を集めるLA在住のアーティスト、Hazel Englishへの独占インタビュー!昨年リリースしたキャリア初のフルアルバム、”Wake UP!”や音楽的影響、パンデミックの現状における彼女などについて聞きました

( The interview was held in English. Japanese translation is available.)


ーI had never dreamed it would be my careerー


Please tell us how your music career started.

I have always been passionate about music, and I started learning to play guitar when I was 16. I performed wherever I could, at friends parties, functions, pubs and open mics. I started writing songs a few years later and it was always a fun hobby but it wasn’t until i moved to California that i began to take it more seriously. In 2015 I met Jackson Phillips (from the band Day Wave) at the book shop I worked at in Oakland and then we started making music together. Once I started releasing singles it was clear that there was a future for me in music, but up until that point I had never dreamed it would be my career. 


私は昔から音楽が好きで、16歳のときにギターを習い始めました。友人のパーティや催し物、パブやオープン・マイクなど、できる限り演奏しました。数年後には曲作りを始めましたが、それは常に楽しい趣味の一つでした。しかし、カリフォルニアに引っ越してからは、より真剣に取り組むようになりました。2015年にオークランドで働いていた本屋でJackson Phillips(”Day Wave”というバンドのメンバー)と出会い、それから一緒に音楽を作るようになりました。シングルをリリースするようになってからは、音楽に私の未来があることは明らかになっていきましたが、それまではそれが自分の仕事になるとは夢にも思っていませんでした。

What did you listen to in your childhood?

I listened to a lot of music my parents liked such as Cat Stevens, The Bee Gees and Abba. My dad has always been really into blues and 60s rock so he introduced me to bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, stuff like that. Of course I was also listening to what was popular on the radio at the time which was Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears etc. So it was an interesting mix of classic rock and bubblegum pop. 


Cat StevensやThe Bee Gees、Abbaなど、両親が好きな音楽をたくさん聴いていました。父はブルースや60年代のロックが好きだったので、Led ZeppelinやPink Floyd、Jethro Tullなどのバンドを紹介してくれました。もちろん、ラジオから流れてくる当時流行っていたSpice GirlsやBackstreet Boys、Britney Spearsなども聴いていました。クラシック・ロックとバブルガム・ポップの面白い組み合わせですね。

Please tell us your favorite albums.

One of my all time favourite albums is Ain’t That Good News by Sam Cooke, which I’ve listened to so many times I know it back to front. It’s just such a feel good album with really vibrant and loveable melodies and Sam Cooke’s voice is just heaven, I could listen to him all day. 

Another more recent favourite is Samba Esquema Novo by Jorge Ben Jor which is very fun and also has some of my favourite melodies ever. 


私のお気に入りのアルバムのひとつに、Sam Cookeの”Ain’t That Good News”があります。何度も聴いているから、始まりから終わりまで全部分かります笑。大好きな鮮やかなメロディーと、Sam Cookeの声は天の産物のようで、1日中聴いていられるような心地よい素晴らしいアルバムです。最近のお気に入りは、Jorge Ben Jorの”Samba Esquema Novo”です。とても楽しくて、特に大好きなメロディーが詰まっています。

ーthe people I work with have affected my process the mostー


Which bands or artists do you think affected the most in your songwriting process?

I think probably the people I work with have affected my process the most, for instance working with Jackson has really influenced me because of how fast he moves. I realised I enjoy the fast paced kind of process as it helps me to get out of my perfectionistic tendencies and stop second guessing myself.



Please tell us some BTS of the recording of “Wake UP!”.

I recorded half of the album in Los Angeles and half of it in Atlanta with two different producers. I really enjoyed travelling to Atlanta to record because i had never been there, so I was able to bike around and explore the city when I wasn’t in the studio. I got to work with some really talented session players which was fun, I was used to more of a bedroom recording setup before this album so I really enjoyed being in a proper studio with a lot of amazing gear.

昨年リリースしたアルバム、”Wake UP!”制作の裏側を教えてください。


ーan artist’s role is to inspire, to evoke feeling, to challenge and make people question things,

to expand people’s minds through artー



With ongoing situation of COVID, what do you think is the role of music and artist that are out there?

I’m not sure the role of the artist has changed a whole lot, apart from the fact that we’ve been unable to tour for a year, but besides that I think the role is still largely the same. In my mind an artist’s role is to inspire, to evoke feeling, to challenge and make people question things, to expand people’s minds through art. 



What did you do during the lockdown?

Mainly I have been writing a lot and figuring out what I want my next album to sound like, it’s been really fun starting from scratch again. 



Lastly, do you have any plans for this year? If any, please tell us.

I am hoping to release some new music this year! I have no idea about touring just yet, since it is still unclear when that will be possible but for now I will keep writing and working on new songs.



Please give some message to the readers in Japan!

Thank you for listening and supporting! I hope I can come back to Japan and play some shows one day, I really love Japan!



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Hazel English

オーストラリア出身で、現在はLAを拠点に活動するシンガーソングライター。ドリーミーなサウンドスケープを全面に打ち出した初期EPが人気を獲得し、収録曲”Never Going Home”のSpotify総再生回数は現在170万回を超える。レイト60sに影響を受けた新作「Wake Up!」はインディーメディア大手The Line of Best Fitにて8/10を獲得。アーティストとして名実ともに急成長を遂げている。