ORM exclusive long interview. Emerging from Melbourne’s DIY music scene, CLAMM will blow your minds with their hyper lo-fi garage punk. Before the release of their debut album from Meat Machine (UK), we asked Jack Summers about the start of the band and their musical influence.

ORM独占ロングインタビュー!メルボルンのDIYシーンから登場したパンクトリオCLAMM。デビューアルバムのリリースに先駆けてフロントマンJack Summersにバンドの結成経緯、音楽的影響について聞きました!

(We talked with Jack Summers (Vocals/Guitar) via Zoom. The interview was held in English. Japanese translation available.)

(※インタビューは英語で行ったため、英語原文と翻訳を載せる形としています。今回はフロントマンのJack SummersにZoomでインタビューしました!)

ーWe were like, ‘what are we gonna do?ー


Please tell us how the band started. (How and why did you start making music in the current form?)

Miles, and I (Jack) were playing in some other bands together and without spare time, we started playing more for fun, playing louder and heavier music. Those sounds were something we weren’t be able to do in other projects. It eventually became the sound we play right now.

How did you and Miles meet Maisie (Bass)?

We had an original bass player and his name was Scotty, but unfortunately, he left the band. We were like “what are we gonna do…” We didn’t know who were going to get to play bass. Soon after, we met a band called The Bel Air Lip Bombs and Maisie was playing guitar in that band. At the same time around, we got an offer from The Bass Drum of Death. To play the gig, we asked Maisie if she could play with us and she joined. She’s extremely talented, and I think she remembered the songs in about two or three practices. Yeah, ever since, it’s been really great to have been able to play with Maisie.



Maisie (Ba.) とはどのようにして出会ったのですか?

僕らにはもともとScottyと言う別のベースプレイヤーがいたんだけど残念ながら彼はバンドを辞めてしまって…。「これからどうしようか」と項垂れていた。誰が次にベースを弾けるか全く考えられなかったからね。そんな時、The Bel Air Lip Bombsっていうバンドに出会ったんだ。Maisieはそのバンドにいた。彼らと出会ったのとほぼ同時期にThe Bass Drum of Deathからライブのオファーがあって、僕らはMaisieに一緒に演奏してくれないかと聞いたら引き受けてくれた。彼女はめちゃくちゃ才能に溢れていて、確か青の時は2、3回のくらいの練習で僕らの曲を覚えていたよ。以降彼女と一緒に演奏ができて最高だね。

You’re a band from Melbourne. Your label Meat Machine is based in the UK. How did you guys meet and join them?

I’m not exactly sure. When we originally released music, it didn’t get much play overseas, but I think someone showed Rich (Meat Machine) our music, and it was really lucky that he liked it. Then later he sent us a message saying “We really like your music, what are your plans?” All of these happened during COVID, and it’s all been out of plan, but we’ve done Zoom meetings with them, and we really hope we can meet them in person soon.

君たちはメルボルンのバンドですね。でもレーベルのMeat Machineはイギリス拠点。どのようにして今のレーベルに所属することになったのですか?

それが、はっきりとはわからないんだよね。最初に僕らが音源を出した時は、海外ではほとんど再生されなかった。でもおそらく誰かがMeat MachineのRichに僕らの音楽を紹介してくれて、幸運なことに彼はそれを気に入ってくれた。その後彼から「君たちの音楽が気に入った。何かリリースの予定はあるか?」っていうメッセージをもらった。この一連の出来事は全てコロナ禍で起きて、僕らも全く予想していなかったことだったね。レーベルとはZoomでミーティングしてるよ。早く対面で会えたらいいな。

ーLot of Ty Segall, White Fenceー

ーTy SegallやWhite Fenceをたくさんー

Your music is generally speedy punk and lo-fi garage. When I first took a listen to your songs, it reminded me of the US indie music, especially Ty Segall, Wavves, and bands from the west coast area. What are your musical influences? Any bands, artists?

Yeah, I think you got a good ear there because that was a lot of what’ve listened to growing up. Lot of Ty Segall, White Fence, Thee Oh Sees, Dogs, Ex-Cult…

We were listening to a lot of that, and I think it often comes out in the writing and the kind of music we play.

君たちの音楽は大体がスピーディーなパンクとローファイ・ガレージといった感じですね。私が初めて聴いた時はUSインディー、特にTy SegallやWavvesなどの西海岸のバンドを思い出しました。何か音楽的に影響したバンドやアーティストはいますか?

そうだね、なかなかいい線をいってるね。なぜなら君があげてくれた音楽っていうのは僕らが聴いて育ったものだからね。Ty Segall、White Fence、Thee Oh Sees、Dogs、Ex-Cult…。僕らはよくこんな感じのを聴いてきたもんだから、その音楽的要素、特徴が僕らのソングライティングや演奏する音楽に表れているんだと思うよ。

Please tell us the concept of your debut album “Beseech Me”. What were some key elements in making the album?

“Beseech Me” is sort of an album that was done quite quickly. As soon as we recorded the demos, we were very keen on recording the songs properly. I guess it’s quite raw, there wasn’t a lot of thinking to changing the songs after the demos. Everything was sort of left as it was and was unrefined. 

It’s an intense album, and it tackles mental health (which is like a big theme in the world right now), anti-violence, materialism, and stuff like that. So it’s pretty a misch-mash album with a few different themes going on.

デビューアルバム「Beseech Me」のコンセプトについて教えてください。アルバムを作る上でキーとなった要素は何でしょうか?

「Beseech Me」は素早く製作されたアルバムだったね。デモを録り終えた直後、僕らはそれをいち早くきちんとした形でレコーディングしたいと考えていた。デモに変更を加えるかの熟考の時間はそれほど取らなかったという点で、このアルバムはある意味生々しさがあると思う。全ては「ありのまま」に残されていて精製されていない。


Lots of exciting things have been happening in the Melbourne music scene. Do you listen to bands and artists coming from your local area?

We love living in Melbourne, the music scene is great here and we feel very lucky. Civic have just put out their record and we’re really excited to see them live. I’ve been listening to a lot of EXEK, bands in Antifade Records, John Dwyer…

We love bands in Melbourne. There are so many gigs, and I hope we can get back to playing and seeing other bands again.


僕らはメルボルンでの生活が大好きだね。ここの音楽シーンは素晴らしいし、そのことをとても幸運なことだと思っているよ。Civicは最近アルバムを出したね。早く彼らのライブが観たいな。僕は最近EXEKをよく聴いているね。あとはAntifade RecordsのバンドとJohn Dwyer。メルボルンのバンドは大好きだし、ライブも(メルボルンでは)よくやるから早く今までみたいに演奏したり他のバンドを観たりしたいね。

Australia is located relatively close to Japan. What are some images of our country? Do you have anything you like or interested in the Japanese culture?

Yeah, actually I’ve been to Japan twice and spent a month there each time. I love it! It’s definitely one of my favorite places in the world. Japan is so rich in culture. In Australia we don’t have that much of culture and history, which is kind of bleak and sad. I spent a lot of time in Tokyo, and lot of time in the city. One time me and a few friends, spent like a week and half in a place called Iya Valley in Shikoku Island, and that was amazing. It was in the middle of winter and we were freezing cold. We stayed in a traditional hostel there.

Japan is definitely one of the places I’d like to go back, and if we ever get the chance play there, I would be very, very happy.




ーEverything went in a big pauseー


I heard that Australia has taken strict measure during the pandemic. Has this affected your band activities?

Yeah, it definitely did. I remember reading that Japan were doing it slightly differently and keeping things going a bit more, but in Australia there were very strict measures and quick actions were taken to put people into lockdown. For a time there, you couldn’t meet up with band members, and everything went in a big pause. There wasn’t really much we could do. We weren’t too interested in jamming over the internet. We weren’t motivated to play music, and everything was kind of dark and sad.



Do you have any plans for this year? (Please tell us if you have any, as far as you can.)

We’ve got some shows coming up in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and maybe some other places. And apart from that, we’re gonna try and finish another record. So yeah, that’s about all we can plan for at the moment. 



Lastly, please give some message to the readers in Japan!

I hope everyone in Japan is doing OK. It’s been quite a tough time, but we’re sending love to you guys. We love the culture, the food, and the people. We would love to be able to come to Japan and play in Japan. Also, we hope you like our record! Hope to see you in the future!



■ Release Information

CLAMM – Beseech Me


Label:Meat Machine, Tin Angel Records


Bandcamp – “Beseech Me” (Album)



メルボルン発のパンクトリオ。70sオリジナルパンクのDNAを受け継ぎ、突き刺すような攻めた楽曲が特徴。Chubby & The GangやAmy & The Sniffersに匹敵しうる攻撃的な展開と、一切の妥協を許さない反抗的な姿勢がバンドの空気から滲み出る。待望のデビューアルバムはCrack CloudやN0V3L擁するカナダのレーベル、Meat Machine / Tin Angel Recordsからリリース。