Interview – Sapphire Blues

Up and rising band from Bristol, Sapphire Blues. We talked about their musical influences, situation under COVID, and some BTS of the recording of “Daydream”. Their built up “cold” soundscape and speedy post-punk atmosphere are like no other. Don’t miss them out.

ブリストルの新人ポストパンカーズSapphire Bluesにインタビュー。彼らの音楽的影響源やコロナ禍における活動、”Daydream”のレコーディング裏話をうかがいました。疾走感のある「冷たい」ポストパンクは唯一無二。


Please tell us how the band started. (How and why did you start making music in the current form?)

The band started in 2016. We had a line-up change around the end of 2017 which would prove to drastically change our sound. Starting from scratch again, we took a year out until we resurfaced for live shows in 2019. We’ve been on a long trajectory to get to the sound we have now, but I think that’s been integral for us to really get a feel for what works best. We’re more ready than ever now. 



The explosion coming out of your sounds share similar vibes to that of The Murder Capital, Protomartyr, and other post-punk bands that has the “darker” approach. What artists have you got influenced by in making such kind of music?

My friend Joel influenced my music taste massively a fair few years back; introducing me to the likes of Tricky and Portishead, among others, whom I Invested a lot of time listening to. I don’t think I’d be far off saying they influenced our darker approach. 

Check out: Tricky – ‘Strugglin’’ & Portishead – ‘Biscuit’.

君たちの音楽から感じられる「爆発性」はThe Murder CapitalやProtomartyr等の「ダーク」なサウンドアプローチを取るポストパンクバンドのバイブスと似る部分があるように感じます。そのような音楽を作るにあたってどんなアーティストの影響を受けましたか?


Tricky – “Strugglin’”, Portishead – “Biscuit”→ チェックしてみてね!

So many exciting bands are coming from the Bristol music scene these days. As a band from the same community, what do you think about this upsurge?

The music community is great in Bristol – everyone’s welcomed in open arms and I think that’s reflective of how the city breathes; it’s definitely a rebellious and expressive place and it’s had a big impact on our development as musicians and as people. I’m really looking forward to getting back gigging there.



Do you have any bands you’re in close relation with? Also, give us some recommendations on “underrated” artists in UK.

In the literal sense, the drummer in the band Monks from Liverpool is my cousin. Other than blood, I’d recommend the likes of DEADLETTER, Belishas & Haal.



You have been releasing singles since 2019, and your latest, “Daydream” just came out this January. Are there any plans on releasing physical material or a long-term project?

We’ve actually released a lot more than that but decided to take it down. It’s all part of the progression and it’s not right until it is, we’ve been occupied in testing the waters thus far. I’m sure those songs will be released again one day – we’ll most likely cash in and put those early tracks on a deluxe version of an album or something along those lines. In regards to physicals, if all goes to plan [which is rare], we’re hoping to release a 7-inch vinyl around the end of May – but I don’t want to reveal too much of our hand at this point, not that anyone other than my mother is interested!



Please share some BTS on the recording of “Daydream”.

Half of Daydream was recorded at Invada Studios in Bristol with Stu Matthews behind the wheel with the helping hand of a good friend Cameron Shand. We recorded the rest at a friends recording space (Skeme Studios) for next to nothing. Money has forever been an issue for us but we always find ways to wing it, which is an essential skill to have as a musician. Our drummer Chris and I (Sam) had some final sessions together producing the track and added the finishing touches. All in all, it’s around a 3/4 month process, but it really depends on the song.


“Daydream”の半分はブリストルのInvada StudiosでStu Matthewsの指揮とCameron Shandのサポートのもと行われたよ。曲の残りのパートは友人のレコーディングスペースでやったね。費用っていうのは僕らにとっていつでも課題で、これをいかに工面するかがアーティストとして問われるスキルだと思うね。ドラマーのChrisと僕(Sam)が最後のセッションをして一緒にトラックのプロデュースと最終調整をしたよ。全体としては3週間ほどの制作だったけどこの期間は曲ごとに異なるね。

What kind of music have you been listening to recently?

I’ve recently made a return to listening to one of my all-time faves The Verve, in particular, their album ‘A Northern Soul’ – Richard Ashcroft has such an emotive voice and they alone helped me through darker moments. Other than that, I’m currently a big fan of Unwound and their album ‘Repetition’ and also Kool G Rap – ‘4,5,6’.


近頃は僕が今までずっと好きだった音楽に一度回帰しているね。特にThe Verveの「A Northern Soul」。Richard Ashcroftの感情的な歌唱は僕が落ち込んでいた時期に僕を救ってくれたな。他にはUnwoundの大ファンで「Repetition」ってアルバムが大好き。あとKool G Rapの「4,5,6」も好きだね。

How has the pandemic affected your activities as a band?

If anything it’s done us a world of good. With no gigs on the horizon, we’ve really been focusing on the recording process; hopefully you’ll be able to hear that in our next release. It’s been good to reflect upon what we’ve done / what we could improve and I feel lockdown is easing in the UK at just the right time for us.



Please give some message to the readers in Japan!

We’re not a blues band.



■ Release Information

Sapphire Blues – Daydream


Label:Blitzcat Records


Sapphire Blues

ブリストル発の3人組ポストパンクバンド。The Murder Capitalに通じる冷たく硬派な楽曲を展開。TrickyやPortisheadのインフルエンスを盛り込み、90年代と現代を行き来する「フラッシュバック」性も光る。次々と気鋭な新人アーティストが登場するブリストルの音楽シーンから出てきた最注目バンドの一つ。